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Zea'Ella Curves

Remote Control Boxer Brief Set

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There will be moments in your life when you and your spouse may need to get a little/a lot creative when it comes to date night.

Along with a pair of always-flattering traditional boxer briefs, the Set also comes with a firm, curving vibrator that is operated by a wristband remote that is incredibly unobtrusive. You may place the vibe anywhere that feels fantastic thanks to the three little, snug holding pockets that are sewed into the fabric through the crotch area.

Twelve different rhythms are conceivable for the black vibe, all of which are controlled via the remote's straightforward buttons. It's up to you whether you share the watch-style band with your lover or keep control all to yourself. Naturally, you'll also be able to enjoy vibration when the underwear is removed; simply take it out of the pocket and use it to locate erogenous areas all over your body.

The vibe and remote in the Remote-Control Boxer Brief & Vibe Set are conveniently USB rechargeable and are powered by a double USB charging cord that is included.