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Waterslide lubrication keeps things smooth and friction-free so it integrates well into romantic activities. A light, water-based formulation feels entirely natural and actually enhances the body's natural lubrication. Carrageenan, a seaweed-derived additive, enables Waterslide to reactivate when in contact with ambient moisture.

Strawberry Edible Massage & Body Oil is an amazingly delicious, lickable, suckable, and indulgent oil for amazing hands-on erotic and sensual massage. It hydrates, softens, and nourishes skin while providing slick sensuous glide to hands-on touch.

The 3-in-1 Edible Massage Candle was made with all-natural, premium ingredients to match that sweet berry flavor, and it nourishes while imparting a dreamy silky slipperiness to hands-on contact. Additionally, it is edible, lickable, and tasty and has a melty, decadent aroma and velvety texture that help reduce stress and anxiety.
Love Button is the ideal complement to foreplay and sexual activity. By stimulating nerve endings and improving sensitivity, a tingling dab on the clitoris, nipples, or head of the penis will improve blood flow to the area.


  • Waterslide lube- 1oz/29.6mL
  • Strawberry Edible Body & Massage Oil - 2oz/59mL
  • Strawberry 3-in-1 Edible Massage Candle - 2oz/59mL
  • Love Button arousal balm - .45oz/13ml